Joining the Club

To join and be part of Stoneygate Lions Football Club, there are a few things you need to know before you sign your child up. This also forms our main terms and conditions for membership:

Our membership runs over the course of the football season whilst we are running training sessions, matches and club events. This is generally a 9 month period (September-May).  Many of our teams do enter tournaments in June, of which the club pays for 2 but any training undertaken over the Summer months is not covered in the membership fees.

We do not charge match fees but instead charge a combined fee with annual subscription that can either be made as a one off payment or in 2 half-season installments.

To sign up to be a member you have to be selected to be part of one of our football teams by our team coaches and managers.  We look to offer football for all levels and all abilities.  However, in some cases this is not always possible.  Teams are reviewed annually. If your child is not selected for a team, then we have strong links with Judgemeadow Football Academy who offer football coaching sessions during term time.  If you are interested in becoming a player please fill in our new player form. Once selected you will be provided with the link to the joining form by your team manager/coach.

League games generally start on the 1st weekend of September so for players to be eligible we ask that all forms and payment arrangements are agreed by 15th August.  Managers will try their best to get this all done before the school summer holidays

We offer a subscription membership to cover the season and as a parent you need to make sure you maintain these payments, otherwise we reserve the right to cancel your child’s membership. Our membership is excellent value for money but please remember that if you cannot attend a specific session, we do not get any sort of rebate or refund for our fixed costs.

We endeavour to run training every week, however weather conditions may affect the condition of the pitches and we may need to cancel training to ensure player safety. We commit to putting out teams for every fixture we have arranged either through leagues, cups or friendlies. Before you join your child up, please consider this and make sure you they are available to play and train the majority of dates that their membership will cover, otherwise you may not get as much value for money.

All members will receive a playing kit  (Home Shirt, Shorts and Socks).  Teams that have sponsorship may receive additional items such as Away Kit, Jumpers and Jackets.  All kit remains the property of the club and if for any reason you decide to cancel your childs membership then you must return all the items of kit that your child has been provided with.

As a club we don't want financial constraints or hardship to be an issue so we ask members to get in touch if they would like a confidential conversation with our treasurer.

We ask that you make yourselves and you child familiar with the clubs codes of conduct.

What do we get for the money? 

A breakdown and explanation of charges

Our club is passionate about value for money and making sure you understand why we charge what we do. We are a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers that aims to deliver quality football and increase participation. Any profits made from any activity, is put back into the club to support our activities.

Over the past few years we have seen an increase in our running costs (pitches, training, coaching courses & kit costs), as the club has grown. Our endeavour to support coaches with qualifications, the right equipment and enough pitch space has led to an increase across the board. For the last 6 years our membership costs have been flat but for 2019/20 the club management committee have made a decision to increase both foundation and junior membership costs by just £5.00 for the year.   

Based on our market research across clubs in other parts of the county, we still rank as excellent value for money. We are a Chartered Standard Youth Football club meaning that all our teams, have qualified coaches with at least Level 1 in football, first aid & safeguarding training and are CRB checked. The facilities we use at Judgemeadow are some of the best in the county.

For further information on costs or membership please contact the club secretary  [email protected]